Orienteering Australia 2021 Annual General Meeting

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The 2021 Annual General Meeting took place at Molong Central School Hall on Sunday 4th April 2021 at 3pm.

Draft Minutes are available here.

As noted in the draft minutes, under the new constitution, there are seven directors and the Board decides on which position each director will fill. Any Australian who is an International Orienteering Federation Council member has an ex officio position on the OA Board (Mike Dowling is currently IOF Vice President). The Board can also co-opt up to two directors. The constitution provides for 3-year terms for directors, with a third of directors coming up for election each year.

Bruce Bowen and Blair Trewin both reached the new 9-year constitutional limit on board terms, while Steve Craig withdrew his nomination for re-election.

OA received nominations prior to the meeting from five people: Jenny Casanova, Clare Hawthorne, Bill Jones, Andrew Lumsden and Craig Steffens. Richard Mountstephens was nominated from the floor.

As a transitional measure, the directors’ terms will have different expiry dates. These are:

2022 – Jenny Casanova, Bill Jones.

2023 – Craig Steffens, vacant.

2024 – Clare Hawthorne, Andrew Lumsden and Richard Mountstephens.

The delegates thanked the retiring directors and Executive Officer.

It should be noted that at the first meeting of the new Board, Clare Hawthorne stood down from the OA Board (due to her existing role on the Orienteering Tasmania board), while Richard Mounstephens took on the role of Director, Finance. A new Chair is still being sought.