Junior Camp 2021 Wrap Up

Brodie NankervisCoaching

Words from Felicity Crosato, Camp Coordinator

Qld Junior Camp was to be a little different this year, when it was planned to combine it with the National Junior Development Camp.  Planning was going well, with nearly 140 people registered to attend, when Covid 19 struck again and restrictions prevented most of the interstaters, including the other Co-coordinator, Brodie Nankervis from attending.  However, the camp did go ahead for Qld and just 12 from NSW and Vic.

And it was a camp to remember! With training activities set by some star coaches and athletes from across Australia, the juniors were in for a real treat. On Thursday, the juniors raced around a sprint interval exercise and in the afternoon practiced completing a “map flip” in a sprint race.

Unfortunately, the weather also decided it also wasn’t going to play nice – especially the RAIN!  Driving to Rosenthal on Friday morning, it was raining heavily.  BOM said it was clearing by 9.45, so we cowered under the tents and waited.  The rain did ease, so we went out on the exercises.  Several juniors thought it was fun when they got wet crossing over the creek, but Su Yan wasn’t so impressed when she had to get very wet on her way back after collecting controls!  Fortunately, the rain raised the temperature well above zero (unusual for Stanthorpe at this time of year) and the sun did come out, so we went on to Broadwater and completed the afternoon’s activities.  The hot showers were pretty popular when we got back!

Saturday started with a multi-tech training at the Cascades – always a heap of fun!! For those juniors who were extra keen there was a tricky corridor exercise to keep them occupied. As part of the afternoon social activities, a fun sprint relay was run on a local school, featuring missing maps and a lost key.  The less said the better….

The camp wrapped up on Sunday with camp champs at a locally run event at Charlies Paddock. Thanks to Range Runners Orienteering Club and Cam Shubert for course setting, a great ending to our camp!

The Calabro Memorial Award is given to the Junior who makes the most of their time at camp, demonstrating commitment and dedication to the sport.  And each year it is incredibly hard to choose.  This year was one of the hardest, but in the end, we congratulate Sam Garbellini for his outstanding attitude and consideration of others.  Well done, Sam!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to making the camp a success, especially Brodie Nankervis, who did so much background work and then was unable to attend.  Thanks to my team – Su Yan, Richard, Cam, Phil, Reid, Neil, Ken, Dave and Eric, you were terrific!  Apologies if I’ve missed anyone – thank you!  And finally thanks to the Juniors who attended, and worked so enthusiastically in some very trying conditions without complaining.  We all wish you well with your orienteering.  See you on the map!