Silva Medal 2021

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The Silva Medal has been won by Marina Iskhakova RR A. Congratulations Marina.
Photo by Tom de Jongh
The Silva Medal competition for 2021 is based on points for participating and placing in the Australian 3-Days Championships (each day considered as a separate event) .

In 2021, this award would have been based on the Australian 3-Days, plus the cancelled Sprint, Middle & Long Australian Championships and the Tasmanian Middle Distance Championships. As it is not possible to win the Silva Medal without attending the Australian 3-Days, the OA Board has decided to make an award for 2021 based on the Australian 3-Days.

Points are scored for completing a course as follows: 1st – 4; 2nd – 3; 3rd – 2 and 1 for finishing, 1 point if there are less than 4 starters.
Six orienteers won all 3 days at the Australian 3-Days Championships scoring a maximum of 12 points. To determine the winner of the Silva Medal a countback based on average winning margins was used.

Orienteers who scored 10 points of more are listed below.

Darryl Erbacher

OA Statistician


Marina Iskhakova RR A W40A 12 0.31
Greg Barbour BF N M55A 12 0.18
Warren Key MF V M60A 12 0.14 *
Jenny Hawkins BS A W75A 12 0.09
Grant Bluett AO A M45A 12 0.07
Chris Brown EV T W60A 12 0.06
Sue Key MF V W65A 11
Steve Flick BN N M70A 11
Milla Key MF V W16A 11
Matt Doyle CC A M21E 11
Jennifer Enderby NC N W50A 11
Gareth Candy AO A M40A 11
Wayne Eliot UR N M35A 10
Tracy Marsh BF N W45A 10
Tom Walter RR A M40A 10
Toby Cazzolato SW S M18E 10
Mikayla Enderby ST N W18E 10
Mace Neve RR A W35A 10
Jock Davis BF N M50A 10
Istvan Kertesz GO N M35A 10
Erika Enderby NC N W16A 10
Emily Sorensen SW S W20E 10
Briohny Seaman WR N W35A 10
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