2022 JWOC Training Group

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Do you think you might want to try for JWOC next year?

We are putting together a 2022 JWOC training group that will be open for all who are interested. 

The group will be led by both the High Performance Management Group and the JWOC coach and manager once appointed.

It’s been hard to have any definite plans recently but we are forging ahead. As a group we can share information and training ideas for 2022 and hopefully carry out real training days in the very near future. 

A great start would be to get your family and friends together and enter the Xmas 5 Days where there will not only be 5 great races but also some extra training opportunities after the races on some of the days.


Eligibility: Any junior who is running M/W20E at Easter in 2022 and considering JWOC nomination. If less than 18 please include parent/guardian details when registering your interest.


Please let us know by filling in the google form found at the following link so we can include you in communication: https://forms.gle/ePWVShx61GpPDgdP7


Please contact any member of the High Performance Management group if you have any questions:

Tash Key: headcoach@orienteering.asn.au

Fredrik Johansson: hpadmin@orienteering.asn.au

Brodie Nankervis: coaching@orienteering.asn.au