OA Publishes New Coaching Framework

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Orienteering Australia is excited to announce that after 1.5 years of conceptualisation, stakeholder engagement and thorough review, the new Coaching Framework has been published. Lead by OA’s Manager of Coaching Development Brodie Nankervis, the project team included representatives from all state/territory organisations.

The framework aligns with OA’s strategic plan, and outlines a guide to foot orienteering coaching education, development and support in Australia. The following diagram represents the key areas that OA believes contribute to exceptional coaching practice. OA strives to work with state/territory organisations to continue to develop these areas in the future.

The full document can be found here – OA Coaching Framework V1 Jan 2022

Coaching Accreditation:

Coaching accreditation is integral to overarching coaching framework. As part of the development of the new framework outlined above, the four accreditation courses in the Australian coaching pathway have been updated.

The coaching pathway is intended to track athlete development. The pathway now commences with “Orienteering Instructor”, leading into 3 parallel courses that match coaches with the participants they work with:

  • Learn and Play coaches work with beginners to introduce them to orienteering, then equip them with the skills to optimally enjoy their participation.
  • Competition coaches work with everyday orienteers, those who want to challenge themselves to do their personal best.
  • Performance coaches work with elite athletes, both nationally and internationally, assisting these orienteers to train and compete at the highest levels.

The syllabus documents for OA’s accreditation courses can be found on the coaching page of the OA website.

Next Steps:

Over the coming months OA and its member organisations will be working on:

  1. Transitioning current coaches into the new framework
  2. Developing delivery materials and building online delivery capacity
  3. Delivering the first courses using the new framework