2022 Silva Medal

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Silva Medal 2022

Congratulations Marina Iskhakova (RR A) on winning the 2022 Silva Medal on a countback from Aston Key (MF V). Marina’s average winning margin was 0.17, Aston’s was 0.05.

Marina’s back-to-back wins joins those achieved previously by:

  • Alex Tarr (1976/1977);

  • Ian Hassall (1992/1993/1994, 1998/1999, 2004/2005);

  • Geoff Lawford (2010/2011).

The Silva Medal is awarded to the Australian orienteer who best performs relative to their class in specified events.

Points this year were awarded for Days 1, 2 and 3 of the Australian 3-Days Championship, the Australian Long Distance Championships, the Australian Middle Distance Championships, the Australian Sprint Championships and the Victorian Middle Distance Championships as follows: 1st – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points, and for otherwise finishing 1 point.

The Silva Medal winner is the orienteer with the maximum number of points accumulated from their best six events. Given a tie on 24 points, the Silva Medal was determined by a count back using the average of the six best winning margins.

In 2022 the relevant events were:
16 April Day 1 3-Days – Reedy Creek
17 April Day 2 3-Days – Reedy Creek
18 April Day 3 3-Days – Maidenwell
24 September Victoria Middle Championships – Daylesford
25 September Australian Middle Championships – Blackwoods
30 September Australian Sprint – Sunbury
1 October Australian Long Championships – Nuggety Ridge

Orienteers who achieved a score of 20 or more points are listed below:


  Name Club Class Points   Average Winning Margin
Marina Iskhakova RR A W40A 24 * 0.17
Aston Key MF V M21E 24 * 0.05
Rob Walter RR A M45A 23    
Grace Crane AO A W21E 23    
Steve Flick BN N M75A 22    
Jenny Hawkins NT N W75A 22    
Jenny Bourne AO A W65A 22 *  
Jennifer Enderby NC N W50A 22 *  
Geoff Lawford AO A M55A 22 *  
Cooper Horley GO N M16A 22    
Torren Arthur MF V M18A 21    
Debbie Davey WR N W65A 21    
Cathy McComb AL T W50A 21    
Alison Radford BG V W70A 21    
Bruce Arthur MF V M45A 20    

* Previous winner of the Orienteer of the Year/Silva Medal

Darryl Erbacher

OA Statistician