Australians ready for World Cup Round 1 in Norway

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Starting this Thursday, the first Orienteering World Cup Round of 2023 is taking place in Østfold, located in the south-eastern region of Norway.

This highly-anticipated event has attracted the world’s top orienteers from various countries, with a total of 262 athletes representing 31 nations. The competition spans four days and comprises of a Long distance, a Middle distance, and a Relay, each offering a chance to earn World Cup points and achieve greatness.

All three races will be held at KNA Varna, a go-karting track located roughly 10 kilometers away from the WOC 2019 arena. 

The Australians competing are Henry McNulty and Michele Dawson

As always, there will be great opportunities to follow races if you can’t be at the arena in Norway.

All races are available at IOF’s new streaming platform IOF TV with English commentary by Katherine Bett and Jonas Merz. The price is 9/25 EUR for one/all races. Se timetable below.

Go to IOF LIVE for start times, live results and tracking

Go to IOF TV to get your ticket for the broadcast and watch the races

All times CEST (UTC+2)

Thursday, 27 April
Long distance
9:45 First start women
10:10 First start men
13:30 – 17:30 Web-TV on IOF TV

Saturday, 29 April
Middle distance
12:15 First start men
14:30 First start women
15:30 – 19:00 Web-TV on IOF TV

Sunday, 30 April
13:00 – 17:00 Web-TV on IOF TV
13:05 Start Men
15:00 Start Women