Silva Medal – Progress After 7 Events

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The Silva Medal is awarded to the Australian orienteer who best performs relative to their class in specified events.

Points are awarded for Days 1, 2 and 3 of the Australian 3-Days Championship, the Australian Long Distance Championships, the Australian Middle Distance Championships, the Australian Sprint Championships, any State Championship conducted at the 3-Days Carnival and the Australian Championships Carnival and the Asia Pacific Orienteering Championships or Oceania Championships (when conducted in Australia) as follows: 1st – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points, for otherwise finishing 1 point.

The Silva Medal winner is the orienteer with the maximum number of points accumulated from their best 6 events. In the event of a tie, the Silva Medal will be determined by count back using the average of the six best winning margins.

In 2023 the relevant events are:

7 January Oceania Sprint – Launceston

9 January Oceanis Long – Bells Marsh St Helens

11 January Oceania Middle – Hunt Tin Mine St Helens
8 April Day 1 3-Days – Highlands
9 April Day 2 3-Days – Highlands
10 April Day 3 3-Days – Glenbrook
30 September Australian Middle Championships – Peterdine North
7 October Australian Long Championships – Avon Valley
8 October Australian Sprint – Methodist Ladies College and Christ Church Grammar College

As a number of orienteers have already gained 24 points there will be a number of orienteers who will amass 6 wins. Winning margins will be crucial in determining the winner of the Silva Medal..

Progressive scores will be published at events or in the evening of each event if possible .

After 7 events, 2 orienteers have maximum points (24) and 21 orienteers with 18 or more points from the first 7 events can reach 24 points if they attend and do well in the remainder of the events in WA.


Darryl Erbacher

Orienteering Australia Statistician


Euan Best, EV T, M16A, 24    
Alex Tarr, YV V, M80A, 24   *
Jenny Bourne, AO A, W65A, 23   *
Paula Shingler, BF N, W60A, 22    
Jennifer Enderby, NC N, W55A, 22   *
Cathy McComb, AL T, W50A, 22    
Craig Dufty, BO W, M50A, 21    
Briohny Seaman, WR N, W40A, 21    
Sophie Best, TF T, W18A, 20    
Mace Neve, RR A, W35A, 20    
Bruce Arthur, MF V, M45A, 20    
Warren Key, MF V, M60A, 18   *
Libby Meeking, YV V, W75A, 18    
Grace Crane, CC A, W21E, 18    
Valerie Brammall, EV T, W80A, 17    
Val Hodsdon, SH N, W75A, 17    
Paul Liggins, AL T, M55A, 17    
Patrick Jaffe, VI V, M21E, 17    
David Marshall, AL T, M70A, 17    
Tracy Marsh, BF N, W45A, 16    
Jenny Hawkins, BS A, W75A, 16    
Geoff Lawford, AO A, M65A, 16   *
Carolyn Jackson, BK V, W65A, 16    
* Previous Winner of the Silva Medal