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(Last updated 26th November 2018)

For any enquiries please contact Manager (Coaching and Officiating Development).

Structure and Management Coaching in Orienteering Australia (OA) is the responsibility of the Director, Technical and the Director, High Performance who manage their respective functions through the OA Coaching Committee (chaired by the Manager, Coaching and Officiating Development) and the High Performance Management Group (chaired by the Manager, High Performance) respectively. Manager (Coaching and Officiating Development), and Manager (High Performance) are both part-time, contracted positions.

Coach Education and Development

Coach education and development is carried out under the umbrella of the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) National Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).

Coaching Level Responsibility

Level 0 and 1 coach accreditation (and re-accreditation) is the responsibility of State associations. Level 2 and above accreditation (and re-accreditation) is the responsibility of OA.

Level 0 or O

Orienteering Australia has produced a Course Outline for a Level 0 Coach accreditation training course. This also contains an outline of the process for teachers (primary and secondary), sports coaches, community and recreational people to be able to obtain a Level 0 Coach Certificate.  To get an idea of the contents, you can view it at Level 0 syllabus.

Note that the Level 0 course is not an accredited (NCAS) course, but has been recognised by the ASC.

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

The ASC provides an online Online Coaching Principles course which must be completed as part of the Level 1 Coaching accreditation process.

There are currently three levels of NCAS accreditation for orienteering coaches:

Level 1 – Club coaching. The Level 1 Coaching Syllabus is found at Coach Level 1 Syllabus Review May 2016.pdf.

Level 2 – State Junior, Senior squads and advanced athlete development. The Level 2 Coaching Syllabus is found at Coach Level 2 Syllabus (current to 31 Dec 2015).

Level 3 – The Level 3 Coaching Syllabus is found at Coach Level 3 Syllabus 10 Jan 2011(current to 31 Dec 2015).

Accredited Coaches

The list of NCAS accredited coaches (as at 26th November 2018) is available at  2018-11-17 Coaches – current .

For any errors or omissions, please contact the OA Manager, Coaching and Officiating Development Manager (Coaching and Officiating Development).

Accreditations are valid for four years, during which time you must acquire a certain number of ‘points’ to qualify for re-accreditation. The ‘points’ table for Coach Re-accreditation is Coach Reaccreditation Points Updating Table – Jan 2011

Coach’s Code of Ethics

Orienteering Australia endorses the Australian Sports Commission’s Code of Ethics for Coaches. All coaches are required to sign the agreed joint ASC-OA code of ethics before being accredited. The Code of Ethics can be found at Coach Code of Ethics – Orienteering. The Agreement form can be found at Coach Code of Ethics Agreement Form – Orienteering


Over the coming months this page will be updated with resources for coaches athletes. Orienteering Australia now has a association with Human Kinetics. Human Kinetics provides high-quality resources and texts for athletes and coaches. Through the association OA receive a percentage of sales so be sure to follow THIS LINK when purchasing items from their website. The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) also provide a number of high quality publications. ASC Resources are listed here. Check out what the Orienteering Service of Australia has to offer.

COACHING CONFERENCE JAN 24TH-25TH CANBERRA Orienteering Australia organised a Coaching Conference for any orienteer interested in obtaining coaching qualifications or improving their coaching qualifications. The program for the conference is here Program for Conference


LEVEL 1-2-3 Coaching Syllabus and Accreditation      Nick Dent

Skills and Qualities of a Top Orienteer- Janni Salmi presentation    Nick Dent

Ten week Orienteering program for years F-6″ >Ten week Orienteering program for years F-6      developed by Bridget Anderson


Here are some links to resources that all coaches can access

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