The complete suite of documents is available as a zip file here – Coaching Level 3 Syllabus documents.

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Level 1 Coaching Syllabus documents are individually available from the table below.

Item  Attachment Description 
1  A Coaching Syllabus Level 3 Contents (2010[1] original with 2020 links update)
2  A1 Structure of Orienteering Coaching.doc
3 A2 Coach Education in OA.doc
4 B Coaches Code of Ethics – Orienteering.doc
5 B2 Coaches’ COE Agreement Form – Orienteering.doc
6 C Coach Updating.doc
7 D Mentor Guidelines.doc
8 E Participant Evaluation Questionnaire Level 3 Coach.doc
9 F Presenter Evaluation Questionnaire.doc
10 G Standards for Delivery.doc
11 H RPL Level 3 Coach.doc
12 H1 & H2 Level 3 RPL_RCC application form.pdf
13 H3 RPL Assessor.doc
14 J1 Assessment Tool Level 3 Coach.doc
15 J2 Assessment Tool Level 3 Coach.doc
16 J3 Assessment Tool Level 3 Coach.doc
17 J4 Assessment Tool Level 3 Coach.doc
18 J5 Assessment Tool Level 3 Coach.doc
19 K Competency-Assessment Matrix Level 3 Coach.doc
20 L Generic Form for Coaching Practical.doc
21 M Orienteering Australia FTEM Pathway.pdf