Controller’s Pages

(Last updated 3rd April 2020)

Controllers are our first line of defence in the battle to maintain the technical standards of Australian Orienteering: they provide the quality control on all of our major events.

Accredited Controllers
Orienteering Australia (OA) has a three-tiered Controller Accreditation Scheme which is affiliated with the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) National Officials Accreditation Scheme (NOAS).

See 2020-04-03 Controllers – current for a list of accredited controllers. For any errors or omissions, please contact the OA Manager, Coaching and Officiating Development at Manager (Coaching and Officiating Development).

For more information on how to become a controller, email the Technical Director.

Two forms have been designed to assist people to document their claims for either:


Controller Level Responsibility
Level 1 and 2 controller accreditation (and re-accreditation) is the responsibility of State associations. Level 3 accreditation (and re-accreditation) is the responsibility of OA.

Controller’s Code of Ethics
OA endorses the ASC’s Code of Ethics for Officials (Controllers) which can be found at Officials Code of Ethics – Orienteering.doc.

All Officials (Controllers) are required to sign the agreed ASC-OA Code of Ethics before being accredited or re-accredited and the Agreement form (to sign) can be found at Officials Code of Ethics Agreement Forms.

Controllers Accreditation Syllabus
Note that the syllabus below for each level contain accreditation/re-accreditation requirements as at the time of their publication. However these have been updated, so refer to the OA Foot rules for the current requirements.

Level 1 Controllers Accreditation Syllabus
The current curriculum for Level 1 Controllers Accreditation is available for download at Level 1 Controller syllabus (Aug 2014). This should be used as the basis for any state based workshops. (Approved to 29 Sep 2018)

Level 2 Controllers Accreditation Syllabus and Workshop Material
The current curriculum for Level 2 Controllers Accreditation is available for download – Final L2 This should be used as the basis for any state based workshops (Approved to 31 Dec 2015).

Additional material is available here to help states conduct their Level 2 Controllers workshops. Note that this was based on the former (similar) curriculum.

Level 3 Controllers Accreditation Syllabus, Workshops and Resources
The current curriculum for Level 3 Controllers Accreditation is available for reference – 2011 OA Level 3 Controller Curriculum-Final (Approved to 31 Dec 2015).

A Level 3 Controllers Workshop was held in 2005 as part of the Australian Championships Carnival in Tasmania. This was the first workshop held since the introduction of OA’s new ASC-approved Controllers Accreditation Scheme. A summary of the course material from the 2005 workshop presented on that day is available here (see lower part of page).

Material from subsequent workshops is also available:

  • workshop was held in Adelaide in August 2009. Some additional material presented is available here (see middle part of page).
  • workshop held in Canberra in 2011. Material presented is here
  • Material from 2015 workshop at Rylstone is here

Resources required by Level 3 controllers in the course of Event Control are listed in OA Level 3 Controller Tool Kit.pdf

Current (2011) Level 3 Curriculum is available for reference – 2011 OA Level 3 Controller Curriculum-Final

IOF Event Advisers
The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) has an accreditation scheme for International Event Advisers. This level of accreditation is required to control a World Ranking Event. The IOF maintains this list for Foot orienteering here and for Mountain Bike orienteering the list is here.