Controller’s Pages

(Last updated  8th May 2022)

Controllers are our first line of defence in the battle to maintain the technical standards of Australian Orienteering: they provide the quality control on all of our major events.

Accredited Controllers
Orienteering Australia (OA) has a three-tiered Controller Accreditation Scheme .

See 2022-05-08 Controllers – current for a list of accredited controllers.

For any errors or omissions, please contact the OA Manager, Coaching and Officiating Development at Manager (Coaching and Officiating Development).

Previous lists of accredited controllers:

2020-05-24 Controllers

2020-04-03 Controllers

2019-12-19 Controllers

2018-12-13 Controllers

2018-04-27 Controllers

For more information on how to become a controller, email the Technical Director.

Two forms have been designed to assist people to document their claims for either:

Controller Level Responsibility
Level 1 and 2 controller accreditation (and re-accreditation) is the responsibility of State associations. Level 3 accreditation (and re-accreditation) is the responsibility of OA.

Controller’s Code of Ethics
OA endorses the ASC’s Code of Ethics for Officials (Controllers) which can be found at Officials Code of Ethics – Orienteering.doc.

All Officials (Controllers) are required to sign the agreed ASC-OA Code of Ethics before being accredited or re-accredited and the Agreement form (to sign) can be found at Officials Code of Ethics Agreement Forms.

Controllers Accreditation Syllabus
Note that the syllabus below for each level contain accreditation/re-accreditation requirements as at the time of their publication. However these have been updated, so refer to the OA Foot rules for the current requirements.

Level 1 Controllers Accreditation Syllabus
The current curriculum for Level 1 Controllers Accreditation is available for download at Level 1 Controller syllabus (Aug 2014). This should be used as the basis for any state based workshops. (Approved to 29 Sep 2018)

Level 2 Controllers Accreditation Syllabus and Workshop Material
The current curriculum for Level 2 Controllers Accreditation is available for download – Final L2 This should be used as the basis for any state based workshops (Approved to 31 Dec 2015).

Additional material is available here to help states conduct their Level 2 Controllers workshops. Note that this was based on the former (similar) curriculum.

Level 3 Controllers Accreditation Syllabus, Workshops and Resources
The current curriculum for Level 3 Controllers Accreditation is available for reference – 2011 OA Level 3 Controller Curriculum-Final (Approved to 31 Dec 2015).

A Level 3 Controllers Workshop was held in 2005 as part of the Australian Championships Carnival in Tasmania. This was the first workshop held since the introduction of OA’s new ASC-approved Controllers Accreditation Scheme. A summary of the course material from the 2005 workshop presented on that day is available here (see lower part of page).

Material from subsequent workshops is also available:

  • workshop was held in Adelaide in August 2009. Some additional material presented is available here (see middle part of page).
  • workshop held in Canberra in 2011. Material presented is here
  • Material from 2015 workshop at Rylstone is here

Resources required by Level 3 controllers in the course of Event Control are listed in OA Level 3 Controller Tool Kit.pdf

Current (2011) Level 3 Curriculum is available for reference – 2011 OA Level 3 Controller Curriculum-Final

IOF Event Advisers
The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) has an accreditation scheme for International Event Advisers. This level of accreditation is required to control a World Ranking Event. The IOF maintains this list for Foot orienteering here and for Mountain Bike orienteering the list is here.