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Tax deductible gifts may be made to Orienteering Australia through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF).

There are a range of projects which can be donated to directly through the ASF.
A number of the projects relate to the High Performance Program or Orienteering Australia’s High Performance squads.

Donations to the High Performance Program

Orienteering Australia’s High Performance Program covers athlete development and national and international competition support for about 100 athletes from age 16 through to retirement from senior elite competition. It used to be supported by the Australian Sports Commission but like all non-olympic sports we now rely on support from within the orienteering community. The athlete pathway has helped increase and maintain participation from teenage through to early masters years. Many of the athletes who have benefited from the program have started families that orienteer and are now quite prominent as officials in the sport. Athletes still contribute up to $5000 a year themselves toward costs but without OA support their costs would be prohibitive and stop them reaching their potential.

Details of each project and the relevant donation page can be found at –

Donations to other Orienteering Australia  and Orienteering Related Programs

Other orienteering fundraising projects run through the Australian Sports Foundation are:


For more information on Australian Sports Foundation, or to donate, go to the Australian Sports Foundation page.

Further information is also available from the Orienteering Australia Executive Officer.