Orienteering A Guide to Urban Map Making 2015, Adrian Uppill

OA Map Symbols ISSOM Aust Ed April 2014

OA Map Symbols ISOM Aust Ed April 2014

Ocad Home page

The Use of New Technologies in Making Orienteering Maps L Zentai, Scientific Journal of Orienteering, Volume 17, 2009, pages 56 -64

Sprint maps using ISSOM, 2007, Kel Soenniksen, Denmark

Challenges of sprint mapping, 2012, Havard Tveite

Forbidden features 2010-01-21 and  ISOM & ISSOM forbidden symbol comparison, 2010, Adrian Zissos

Summary of 2010 Mapping Technology Workshop, WOC, 2010, Adrian Uppill

Map Design – a guide to good looking maps Brian Mee, British Orienteering 2008

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