The use of lidar for orienteering map production

Research into the use of LiDAR for orienteering mapping

(using donations made available through the Australian Sports Foundation to Orienteering Australia)

About Lidar

How does airborne lidar work  2017 Airborne Research Australia

The Use of New Technologies in Making Orienteering Maps L Zentai, Scientific Journal of Orienteering, Volume 17, 2009, pages 56 -64

Getting hold of lidar data

NSW Spatial Services

Commissioning lidar 2017 Airborne Research Australia

Lidar specification 2018 [N Schoknecht]

Lidar Processing tools

Generating a basemap from LIDAR data  2017 David George

Auto generated orienteering maps  2017 Stefano Raus

MapAnt: Automatic map generation in Finland – [Noel Schoknecht]

Automatic Feature Detection – the state of the art

Preparing basemap layers from lidar WA 2018 [Noel Schoknecht]

Advanced processing for vegetation feature detection (coming)

Lidar mapping experience

Fieldwork using lidar 2017 [Alex Tarr]

Mapping Bendigo mining terrain with Lidar 2012-2017 – [Neil Barr]

Using Lidar in NSW – [Russell Rigby]

Using Lidar in Spain – [Manuel Jurado] (incredible terrain photos)

Lidar use for 2018 Australian Carnival [A Uppill]

Lidar use for Easter 2018 [G Hawthorne]

Lidar use Easter 2018 Lovely Banks [G Hawthorne]

Implementing ISOM 2017

Introduction to 2019 workshop [Noel Schoknecht]

The 2017 ISOM explained [A Uppill]

Tools for compliance testing  [N Barr] (as of 2019) (screen file) (notes file)

Compliance tools update – 2022 (Neil Barr)

Should we convert this map? [N Barr] (screen file) (notes file)

Middle distance terrain issues [A Tarr]

Converting maps to ISOM17 [A Tarr] 2018

Mapping Australian granite under ISOM2017-2

Basemap preparation and digital field work techniques

Making a map – part 1_060819    Part 1 of a “How to” document for creating an orienteering map from scratch by ONSW’s Hamish Mackie.

Mapping of saddleback using tablet and gps – 2018 [M Anker]

Tablet fieldwork WA 2018 [Noel Schoknecht]

Tablet Mapping

Tablet Mapping – Tools and workflows (Warwick Davis) Coming

Map design, colour vision etc

Colour vision defects and and possible map solutions [A Uppill]

Map Design – a guide to good looking maps Brian Mee, British Orienteering 2008

Sprint and Urban mapping

Urban mapping, 2015, A Lumsden, OA Sprint Mapping Workshop (PDF 4.3mb)

Sprint mapping – aim scope introductions, 2015, A Lumsden, OA Sprint Mapping Workshop (PDF 460kb)

Introduction to sprint mapping, 2015, A Lumsden, OA Sprint Mapping Workshop (PDF 572kb)

Orienteering A Guide to Urban Map Making 2015, Adrian Uppill

Sprint maps using ISSOM, 2007, Kel Soenniksen, Denmark

Challenges of sprint mapping, 2012, Havard Tveite

Forbidden features 2010-01-21 and  ISOM & ISSOM forbidden symbol comparison, 2010, Adrian Zissos

Presentations at 2022 Mapping Workshop – September 2022 Woodend


Tablet Mapping – Tools and workflows (Warwick Davis) Coming

Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (Hamish Mackie)

Compliance Tools Update (Neil Barr)

IOF Mapping Commission Activities (Luděk Krtička)

Report on mapping visit to Australia (Luděk Krtička)

Review of mapping in SE Australia (Luděk Krtička)

Other mapping related documents and links

OA Map Symbols ISSOM Aust Ed April 2014 [obsolete]

OA Map Symbols ISOM Aust Ed April 2014 [obsolete]

Ocad Home page

Summary of 2010 Mapping Technology Workshop, WOC, 2010, Adrian Uppill