0.1 AIS Campus Map

0_2 AIS Registration and Conditions of Use Form Nov2018pdf

0.3 Special Dietary Requirements AIS Dining Nov 2019

0.4 1.0 2019 Conference Invitation and Initial Agenda 051119

0.5 2.0 Minutes OA Conference 2018 Approved

0.6 2.1 Minutes OA AGM 2019_draft

3.1a_1 2019 OA Conference – governance paper

3.1a_2 Sport Australia template constitution – annotated (to support Governance paper)

3.1a_3 Athletics Australia constitution (to support Governance paper)

5.1a 2019 OA Conference – Schools proposal (ASOC participation)

5.1b 2019 OA Conference – schools – team awards proposal

5.3a_1 2019 OA Conference – 2020 NOL Calendar

5.3a_2 2019 OA Conference – 2021 Draft NOL Calendar

5.3c 2019 OA Conference – High Performance Report

5.3b 2019 OA Conference – NOL Guidelines Update_OA Conference_2019


2.2c 2019 OA Conference IOF Council and International Relations 2019

3.1b DRAFT OA Child Safe Sport Framework Code of Conduct DRAFT v6JF_PP comments 2019-11-22

1.1b_1 OSA Participation Strategies_v2

2.1a_2 OCEANIA 2019 review-NSWv2a

2.1b_1 MajorEventsProposedSchedule2020_2030

2.1b_2 Oceania Championships 2022

2.1c Level 3 controllers for Group A events over the next 3 years

2.2a_1 The Role of IOF Regional Championships

2.2b 2019 OA Conference – International Events

2.3 Mapping Report 2019

2.4b Controller accreditation update for OA Conference December 2019

2.4c OA Technical succession planning and need for Technical Committee Chair

2.4d 2019 OA Conference – team competitions

3.2a_1 SRF Paper_v5

3.2a_2 Event Levy Proposal paper

4.1c The Australian Orienteer – Report to OA Annual Conference

5.2 Athlete Pathways and Retention Strategies_v2

5.2 Athlete Pathways and Retention Strategies_slides

1.2a 2019 Conference MTBO Report

1.1b_2 OT Participation Projects 2019

1.1d 2019 OA Conference – Sporting Schools Report

2.1a_1 2019 OA Conference Oceania 2019 report_OACT

2.1a_3 OV 2019 Oceania Event report_v1

2.4a 2019 OA Conference Likely Changes to OA rules for 2020

3.2a_1.1 OT_Options Feedback to SRF Paper

5.3d 2019 OA Conference – Coach and Controller Accreditation Report

1.1b_3 OV Saturday Park series participation project 2019

1.1b_4 OACT Participation Programs

3.2a_1.2 ONSW SRF Feedback

3.2a_1.3 OV response on OA SRF paper Dec 2019

3.2d Orienteering Australia Reporting V2

1.1b_5 OWA – Anytime Orienteering-2019 OA Conference

3.2b 2019 OA Conference – Third-Party Events

3.2c_1 Finance Report OA Conference Dec 2019

3.2c_2 OA Inc 2019 YTD P and L

3.2c_3 DRAFT 2020-2023 OA budget for 2019 OA conf

0.7 2019 Conference Agenda – 6 December_Final

1.1a_1 2019 Conference Sport Australia Ongoing Funding Arrangements

1.1a_2 2019 Conference OA SportAus KPIs

1.1b_3.1 MCR grant funding report 2019

1.1b_6 2019 Conference ONSW Participation Report 2019

1.1c_1 Sport Australia MR – Physical Literacy Launch Oct2019

1.1c_1.1 Physical-Literacy-Framework_access

1.1c_2 2019 Conference SportAus F_Y_30_Move_It_Aus

3.1c 2019 Conference SportAus SIA 2019_20

4.1a 2019 OA Conference – web site update

3.3 2019 OA Conference RevolutioniseSPORT Presentation

3.1a_4 Sport Aus OA Governance Presentation Dec 2019