Orienteering Australia’s 2020 Workshops (in lieu of the 2020 Annual Conference) will be held on Monday evenings, from 8 ~ 10 pm Melbourne/Canberra/Sydney time (7.30 SA, 7.00 Queensland, 5.00 WA). Please note that the date for Workshop #2 is currently tentative; Firm date to be confirmed, but workshop will be held during week of November 23rd.

The complete list of topics for all workshops can be found here.

Papers for  each workshop can be found here:

(1) Monday 16 November: Performance, Coaching
Workshop Lead: Steve Craig, OA Director, High Performance

(a) High Performance

2021 OA HP Calendar

High Performance report

MTBO High Performance paper

NOL 2021 Special arrangements

Training Camps in 2021

(b) Coaching

Coaching Development

Coaching Syllabus

Participant Pathway Framework

School Kits

Strategic Plan KPI Outcomes

OV Coaching paper

(2) Monday 23 November: Participation, Communications, Marketing                   
Workshop Lead: Paul Prudhoe, OA Executive Officer

2020 participation workshop – agenda

(a) Participation

Sport AUS Core Funding Guidelines

(b) Communications

(c) Marketing

(3) Monday 30 November: Technical, Events, Mapping
Workshop Lead: Jenny Casanova, OA Director ,Technical

Agenda Monday Nov 30 workshop

(a) Technical

Appendix 4 Health Safety Guidelines

2020 OA workshops – event safety discussion paper

OA Controlling update November 2020

Is there a need for level 0 controller accreditation

Agreed changes to OA rules for 2020-21

(b) Events

Major Events Proposed Schedule 2021-2030

Making events easier to organise versus maintaining standards

MapRun Discussion Paper Technical Workshop Nov 2020 v2

2020 OA workshops – event cancellation

(c) Mapping

Mapping Convener Report 2020

(4) Monday 7 December: Governance, Finance, Membership
Workshop Lead: Blair Trewin, OA President, supported by Bruce Bowen OA Director, Finance.

(a) Governance
2020 OA workshops – transition to company – October 2020 update
2020 OA workshops – Constitution paper as tabled for 2020 AGM
2020 OA workshops – proposed constitution for Orienteering Australia Ltd – clean
2020 OA workshops – proposed constitution for Orienteering Australia Ltd – with tracked changes

2020 OA workshops – risk register paper
2020 OA workshops – 2008 risk policy – annotated

2020 OA workshop – commissions

(b) Finance

Final Finance Report 07122020 Workshop
Final OA Actual v Budget 30 NOV 20
V3 DRAFT 2021 Budget-2025 OA Budget

(c) Membership
2020 OA workshops – national membership discussion