2019 OA AGM – Agenda_updated_110419

2019 OA AGM Call for Nominations

Minutes OA Conference 2018 Approved

Minutes OA Conference 2018 (draft v 3)

2019 AGM Finance Papers includes:
(1) Proposal to change the way the AO magazine fixed costs are shared between State Associations, and
(2) Review of the State Registration Fee (SRF)

2019 OA AGM_FinanceReport_final

Orienteering Australia – 2018 Financial Report_audited
includes: Audited financial statements – 2018,
Balance sheet as of 31 December 2018, and
Profit and loss statement – 2018

Strategic plan – AGM Presentation Version – OA Strategic Plan draft_AGM
(The above is the final version of the plan for presentation at the AGM after receiving States’ comments).

OA Strategic Plan Draft_AGM_2019 CoverNote

2019 OA Committee Meetings Schedule

2019 OA Events Committee Agenda


Oceania 2023

2019 OA HP Program and Coaching Coordination Meeting

Draft NOL 2020 (for information only)

2019 Tech Committee Agenda 200419

Discussion paper on controller accreditation for Easter meeting 2019

2019.04.17.Relative running speeds DH discussion paper

2019.04.15.OA Rules App1

AGENDA Schools Committee 20 April 2019