Mapping Committee

Orienteering Australia Mapping Committee

The OA Mapping Committee meets every Easter when the Australian Three Day carnival is held.  The Committee  includes state and territory representatives. Others with an interest or specialisation in mapping, map printing, cartography, photogrammetry and other related fields associated with the production of orienteering maps are welcome to attend.

Mapping Committee Easter 2006

Mapping Committee Easter 2007

Mapping Committee Easter 2008

Mapping Committee Easter 2009

Mapping Committee Easter 2010

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Mapping Committee Easter 2012

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Australian Sports Foundation

Donations for Mapping

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) was established by the Australian Government in 1986 to assist eligible community organisations raise funds for the development of Australian sport by offering the incentive of tax deductibility for donations. The ASF is supported by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

A Mapping Project has been established for mapping development, details:

The following donations are gratefully acknowledged:

$20,000.00           A project to investigate and research the possibilities of producing a single base map image derived from LIDAR data

$202.00 A donation used to assist investigations into the application of LIDAR for map making, in particular, to undertake a field survey to compare LIDAR produced base maps to an existing orienteering map.




Revision of ISOM2000

In 2008 the IOF Map Commission commenced a revision of the International Specification for Orienteering Maps 2000. Orienteering Australia has contributed to the revision process including:

ISOM 20081218_OA original submission to IOF

ISOM 20121212 _OA comments to IOF

ISOM 20130630_OA comments to first draft

ISOM 20130925_OA comments on stony ground

ISOM 20151120 Comments to ISOM 201x Final draft

ISOM 20160112 Orienteering Australia comments on ISOM 201x draft
The Chair of the Mapping Committee may be contacted at OA Mapping Chair