Insurance Documents

Certificate of Currency – this is the preferred document to provide to land owners, land managers, councils, authorities and institutions when requesting access/event permission.

Certificate of Currency + counterparties – only provide this document if a landholder wishes to see that they are named in the list of counterparties.

Note –  if a landowner wishes to be added to the list, this can be arranged by contacting the OA General Manager. Do not contact the insurer or the broker directly, as costs may be incurred.

OA Board Minutes

Board Minutes can be read or downloaded from here

Annual Reports, AGM , Annual Conference minutes

Orienteering Australia’s latest Annual Reports, AGM , Annual Conference minutes and other plans are available for download here:

Year Annual Report Annual Conference Minutes AGM Strategic and Other Plans Other Meeting Minutes
2007 Annual Report        
2008 Annual Report        
2009 Annual Report Conference AGM    
2010 Annual Report Conference  AGM    
2011 Annual Report Conference AGM 2011 ~ 2014 OA Strategic Plan  
2012 Annual Report Conference AGM    
2013 Annual Report Conference AGM    
2014 Annual Report Conference AGM   HP and Athlete Development Pathway Part 1, Part 2,
Part 3
2015 Annual Report Conference AGM    
2016 Annual Report Conference AGM    
2017 Annual Report Conference AGM    
2018 Annual Report Conference AGM    
2019 Annual Report Conference AGM 2019 ~ 2021 Strategic Plan  
2020 Annual Report   AGM    
2021 Annual Report   AGM 2022 ~ 2025 Strategic Plan Special General Meeting, High Performance, Events
2022 Annual Report   AGM    
2023     AGM    

The Orienteering Australia Annual Conference is usually held each year on the first weekend of December in Canberra.

In 2020 the AGM was held as a virtual meeting due to the COVID-19 restrictions. There was no Annual Conference held in 2020, but a series of virtual workshops were held instead.

The Orienteering Australia AGM is normally held at Easter each year at the location of the Australian 3-Days event.
In 2017 the AGM was held at the National Orienteering League event on 25th March.