These articles are written by an orienteer, Paula Shingler, for orienteers and provide a great resource.
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Paula Shingler Bio:
I qualified in 1985 with a B Sc with honours in Physiotherapy from the University of Ulster. Since then I have gained a huge amount of experience and skills . I started my career in Scotland working in hospital and soon realised I was interested in orthopaedics. I worked in an orthopaedic hospital and supplemented this working in a Sports Injury Clinic and physio for Premier Rugby team in Edinburgh.

I emigrated to Australia in 1996 when I ran an out-patient practise for 3 years before going back into the hospital system treating orthopaedic surgical ( post-trauma and joint replacement) ,and out patients. This has given me a fascination with gait patterns which has encouraged me to set up a business. This business focuses on correcting gait patterns helping with injury prevention and efficiency in running styles. It also has lead to coaching running from people starting out, to athletes keen to become fitter, faster and injury free.

Athletically I started running at 18. I represented Northern Ireland in the World Cross Country Championships in the 1980s and was 11 th in the World Mountain Running Championships in 1989. I have run 36min36 for 10 km, 81min37 for a half marathon and 2hr.57 for a marathon. I started orienteering when I moved to Australia and have continued running regularly and competing at orienteering, trail races and the occasional road race.

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