2020 National League Standings

Points after Round 1

2020 Update to NOL Guidelines

2020 update to pointscore calculations

2019 National League Standings

Final points for 2019 NOL

2018 National League Standings

Final points for 2018 NOL

2017 National League Standings

Final points for 2017 NOL

These are the final point scores for the season following the Australian Championships at Bathurst.

2016 National League Standings

Final standings

Senior men:
1st          Canberra Cockatoos (129)
2nd        Victorian Nuggets (122)
3rd         Southern Arrows (63)

Senior women:
1st          Victorian Nuggets (129)
2nd       Canberra Cockatoos (96)
2nd       Queensland Cyclones (84)

Junior men:
1st           Victorian Nuggets (81)
2nd         Tassie Foresters (69)
3rd         Queensland Cyclones (53)

Junior women:
1st           Tassie Foresters (81)
2nd         Victorian Nuggets (69)
3rd          Queensland Cyclones (57)

Full scores for senior division

Full scores for junior division

Past results

All National Orienteering League results and pointscores from 1993 to 2016 are available on the NOL Past Results page.