Krystal Neumann


Age: 23 State of Origin: Queensland, Brisbane West, Clear Mountain Orienteering Highlights: 2014 World University Orienteering Champs: Middle 52nd, Long 57th Recent Performances: Winner round one NOL sprint races - Sydney Interesting Facts: JWOC Poland 2011: 44th Middle History in Orienteering: JWOC team, WUOC team World Orienteering Championships: Sprint, Friday 31st July: Krystal represented Australia at the World Junior Orienteering Championships in 2008, 2009, 2011. Her best result was in Poland in 2011 where she placed 44th in the middle. In 2014, she had her international debut as a senior at the World University Orienteering Champs in Czech. Against a world class field, she placed 52nd in the middle, 71st in the sprint and 57th in the long. Krystal is coming off very good form after the Australian Orienteering Championships in Perth, where she placed 3rd in the Middle Distance and was the first placed Australian. In Krystal’s first World Cup in Tasmania she placed: Sprint Qual – 17th, Sprint Final – 32nd. Middle – 26th, Long – 28th. IOF World Ranking Events