Lachlan Dow


Age: 23 State of Origin: ACT Orienteering Highlights: 4 JWOC representations, Best result; 35th, Long, Italy, 2009 Recent Performances: 2014 World Champs Italy ; Sprint Qual, 22nd. Interesting Facts: Australian Representation in his first year as a senior elite History in Orienteering: 2013 NZ World Cup: 42nd Middle World Orienteering Championships: Sprint Relay, Sun 2nd August: Middle Distance, Tuesday 4th August: Relay, Wednesday 5th August: Lachlan was born and raised in Canberra, Australia, and was introduced to orienteering at the age of 11. He moved into the domestic junior elite class, representing the Canberra Cockatoos, and attended four Junior World Orienteering Championships. In 2012, his first year in the senior ranks, Lachlan made his international debut in at the World Cup races in New Zealand, before making his World Orienteering Championships debut in Finland the same year. As a young senior elite, Lachlan has been a regular member of the Australian World Orienteering Championships team. Outside of orienteering, Lachlan is a science student at the Australian National University, Canberra. He has worked as an intern and as a technician in the Research School of Biology, where he studies in the plant sciences division. He is about to move to Germany to commence his PHD. Recent World Cup results in 2015 at the Tasmanian; Sprint Qual – 10th, Sprint Final: 3rd Jan – 25th, Middle – 34th , Long – 32nd. IOF World Ranking Events