Simon Uppill


Age: 27 State of Origin: SA, Hawthorndene Orienteering Highlights: Junior World Orienteering Champs: 4th 2007, Long, Dubbo, Australia. Recent Performances: 2014 World Orienteering Champs Italy: 43rd place in his first hit out in the long distance Interesting Facts: 2013 World Cup NZ: 17th, Sprint History in Orienteering: A regular member of all representative teams. World Orienteering Championships: Sprint Relay, Sun 2nd August: Middle Distance, Tuesday 4th August: Long Distance, Friday 7th August: Relay, Wednesday 5th August: Simon is our most experienced male athlete. He has represented Australia at the World Orienteering Championships 6 times, from 2008 to 2014. In 2013, he achieved his best WOC result; 30th sprint, Finland. A consistent performer, Simon will be strong across all disciplines and his recent 2014 WOC long result of 43rd in Italy will give him all the confidence to perform at his peak in this discipline. In 2013 at the NZ World Cup, Simon Uppill placed 17th in the sprint and 36th in the Middle Distance. He provides the benchmark of what might be possible across the Australian men’s team. In the 2014 January World Cup races in Tasmania, Simon placed 21st in the Sprint, 23rd in the Middle and 23rd in the Long. IOF World Ranking Events