The Tech News newsletter is a new initiative designed to enhance communication between OA members with an interest in matters technical – encompassing rules, controlling, mapping and high-tech. It will be produced periodically; most likely biannual, and distribution will be predominantly via email to level 1, 2 and 3 controllers, mappers and OA committee members.

Comments and contributions to Tech News should be sent to OA Director, Technical.

Minutes of Technical Meetings are also posted below.

Past issues
Edition 1/2012
Edition 2/2012
Edition 1/2011
Edition 2/2011

Technical Reports to the OA Conference 2010

5.1 TechnicalReport.pdf
5.2 MappingReport2010.pdf

Edition 1/2010
Edition 2/2009
Edition 1/2009
Edition 2/2008
Edition 1/2008
Edition 1/2007
Edition 2/2006
Edition 1/2006
Edition 2/2005
Edition 1/2005

Technical Meeting Minutes
OA technical meeting April 2nd, 2010
OA technical meeting April 23rd 2011
OA technical meeting April 7th 2012
OA Technical Meeting March 30 2013