Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved with orienteering, from participant to volunteer.

Go orienteering

The easiest way to get involved with orienteering is to find an event and go orienteering. Take part in bush orienteering, mountain bike orienteering, park/street orienteering, or sprint orienteering. Find an event near you and get out there by yourself, with friends or your family.

New to orienteering? No worries. Go to our getting started page to find out everything you need to know. Also check out our Learn to Orienteer program that provides a structured program of orienteering to learn to skills of the sport.

Join A Club

Joining an orienteering club is a great way to meet people in the sport, get tips and advice and be part of the orienteering community.

Across Australia there are close on 60 clubs in both cities and regions. Go to our find a club page to know more.

You get discounts on entry to events and a subscription to our national magazine, The Australian Orienteer, as just a couple of benefits of joining a club.


Orienteering is largely a volunteer-based sport, and we value the many people across Australia who volunteer their time and effort to put on events and work within the orienteering community. We recognise our volunteers with a range of Awards. Our Hall of Fame General Division honours volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their contribution to our sport.

It’s easy to volunteer. Helping out at an event is always greatly appreciated. Find out how to become a coach to help people new to the sport to improve their skills. Our Orienteering Learning Centre is a great place to start. Find out how to become a controller and learn how to organise an orienteering event.

Orienteering in Schools

Is orienteering active in your local school? Orienteering is a great sport and activity for school aged children and young people of all abilities. You take part at your own level. You learn skills that are so invaluable when you get out and about in the great Australian outdoors.

Go to our Schools page to find out how to get orienteering in your school and the great things school-based orienteering offers.

Orienteering club members at an event.
Orienteering club members at an event. Photo: Bennelong Northside Orienteers.