Hall of Fame

Recognising outstanding competitive achievement and service in Australian orienteering.

about the hall of fame

The Orienteering Australia Hall of Fame was established in 2016.

The Orienteering Australia Hall of Fame is the crowning achievement of a sporting career in orienteering in Australia and represents the highest level of peer recognition for an individual’s contribution to Australian orienteering.

The Orienteering Australia Hall of Fame recognises and promotes the outstanding sporting achievements of our athletes and officials to acknowledge the rich sporting heritage of Australian orienteering. It is an illustrious group of Australia’s most respected and celebrated orienteers that span the test of time. They are the best of the best, who through their achievements have made a significant contribution to our sporting history and have inspired others to achieve their potential in both sport and life.


Membership of the Orienteering Australia Hall of Fame is divided into two categories.

Athlete Member

An Athlete Member is someone who has competed and achieved high level success at the top level of competition in World Championships, medal level performances in World Masters competition and long term high level success in elite competition in Australia.

General Member

A General Member is someone who has demonstrated excellence and outstanding achievement in roles supportive to orienteering participants (administration, coaching/training, event organisation, mapping, and officiating).

Athlete Members


Tracy Bluett Marsh – New South Wales


Jo Allison – Australian Capital Territory

Carolyn Jackson – Victoria

Adrian Jackson – Victoria


Christine Marshall – Tasmania

Warren Key – Victoria


Hanny Allston – Tasmania


Geoff Lawford – Australian Capital Territory


Hermann Wehner – Australian Capital Territory


Grant Bluett – Australian Capital Territory

Jenny Bourne – Australian Capital Territory

General Members


Bob Allison – Australian Capital Territory

Ian Baker – Victoria

Rob Plowright – Victoria


Nick Dent – New South Wales

Don Young – Western Australia


Michael Dowling – Tasmania

Robin Simson (DEC) – Queensland


Dave Lotty – New South Wales

Jim Russell – Victoria


Kathy Liley – Victoria

Ron Pallas – New South Wales


Peta Whitford – Victoria

Hugh Cameron – Victoria


Eric Andrews (DEC) – Queensland

John Brammall (DEC) – Tasmania

Robert Mouatt – Australian Capital Territory


Tom Andrews – Victoria

David Hogg – Australian Capital Territory

Barry McCrae – Victoria

Alex Tarr – Victoria

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Nomination to the Hall of Fame

Any person or organisation may make nominations for consideration by the Awards Committee for induction to the Orienteering Australia Hall of Fame. Nominations must include a supporting citation describing the achievements and rationale for a nominee in meeting the selection criteria to be inducted into the OA Hall of Fame. The nomination should not exceed 800 words in length. In addition, a brief citation of up to 100 words should be provided for use at the induction, should the nomination be successful.