Park/street orienteering

Simple, easy and accessible. Walk or run your local streets and parks with a map.

What Is it about

Park/street orienteering is a type of orienteering adapted for the urbanised population of Australia. It is conducted in locations such as the parks and street of our towns and cities. The key is to read the map with the course to visit each control point going as fast as you choose to go. Executing the most efficient route choice is the strategy.

Park/street orienteering courses vary in distance and time. They are a fun way to enjoy orienteering close to home either by yourself, with your mates or with your family.

It’s an awesome type of orienteering that caters for all ages and capabilities in an easy and accessible way.

Get involved

There are so many ways to get involved with park/street orienteering in your community and have an adventure in the great Australian outdoors.

Join a Club

Find an orienteering club near you and become part of our sport and recreation community.

Improve Your Skills

There are lots of little techniques to learn to improve your navigation skills in park/street orienteering.