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Have an adventure with a series of beginner orienteering lessons in the outdoors near you. Use the links below to find details of your nearest program. Learn the fundamental skills of orienteering whilst having fun in a group!

It’s for you!

Programs generally have a session once a week and run for an hour or two. Lessons are conducted in small groups and focus on giving participants plenty of opportunities to learn skills and build confidence to have further orienteering adventures. You will notice that:

  • We keep it very social and interactive.
  • We introduce and prepare you for map, compass and course navigation.
  • We do plenty of practice.
  • We have a fantastic network of coaches delivering the lessons.


In each session you will learn a few fundamental orienteering skills alongside others who are also eager to learn. Experienced coaches will deliver clear instruction, fun practice activities and create a supportive environment. Sessions will conclude with an orienteering course to test your new skills. You will learn lots of strategies so you can orienteer with confidence when you join a club and have your next adventure.


As you search through the available programs, you will notice we have different program structures. These programs aim to give everyone plenty of choice and make the experience appropriate for the location.


The skills and confidence you will gain from completing any Learn to Orienteer program will set you up to join a club and participate in local events. There are so many different opportunities to get involved with orienteering! From participating socially, to getting involved in the organisational side of orienteering, to competing and representing your state or even Australia. 

Find a program near you

Whether you’re looking for navigation, fitness or community… find a Learn to Orienteer program in your State!

Australian Capital Territory (coming soon)

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South Australia/Northern Territory (coming soon)

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Western Australia (coming soon)

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Interested in coaching a program?

Are you an orienteering instructor or coach and want to run a program for your local club or community?
Great news, this document provides an overview of the resources that are available to help you run the program.
To get access to the resources and take the next step in organising your program, contact your state coordinator:
Australian Capital Territory: sus.harrysson@gmail.com
New South Wales: nurseclarke@yahoo.com
Queensland: facrosato@gmail.com
South Australia/Northern Territory: ethanpenck@gmail.com
Tasmania: stoner.anthony@gmail.com
Victoria: coaching@vicorienteering.asn.au
Western Australia: oawa.learn@gmail.com