Representing the voice and interests of particular sectors of the Australian orienteering community.

About Commissions

The Orienteering Australia Commissions represent the voice and interests of our Athletes and the MTBO orienteering community within Orienteering Australia (OA) and they work together with the Board on matters that relate to them.

MTBO Commission

The purpose of the MTBO Commission is to:

  • Encourage the growth and development of MTBO in Australia in conjunction with the Manager, MTBO Development).
  • Provide advice and recommendations to the Board for MTBO in Australia.
  • Be a source of information and advice on MTBO matters for State Members/Territories and clubs who wish to run MTBO events.
  • Maintain the standards which underpin MTBO in Australia, including MTBO competition rules, mapping standards and Australia/New Zealand Challenge rules.
  • Monitor changes in IOF standards and rules and update Australian practices as appropriate.
  • Liaise with overseas MTBO communities and entities, including ONZ and the IOF
  • Oversee the allocation of the National MTBO Championships, National Team Selection Trials, and National Series rounds.
  • Liaise with Board Directors, staff, officers, committees, and the Athletes Commission and with State/Territory Members, clubs, officials, and coaches.

Athletes Commission

The Athletes Commission represents the voice and interests of athletes within the Australian orienteering community. The Athletes Commission works in cooperation with the High Performance Management Group (HPMG) for FootO matters and with the MTBO Commission for MTBO matters to raise matters of interest to athletes.

The Athletes Commission members are:

  • Alastair George
  • Will Whittington
  • Ricky Thackray
  • Olivia Sprod
  • Emily Sorenson


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