Resources supporting our participation programs


This page is dedicated to providing a range of resources to support our member states/territories and their affiliated clubs to deliver participation focused programs.

Our participation focused programs are driven by our “whole of sport” orienteering participation plan.

The Orienteering Participation Plan has been funded and milestones have been identified for each activity. The milestone tracking document is available here. The activities with a current priority are highlighted in yellow.

Those interesting in being involved are encouraged to contact the Manager, Participation at 

Participation and Engagement Network meetings

Join us at a monthly Orienteering Participation and Engagement Network meeting.

This network aims to facilitate resource sharing and collaboration between OA, its member state/territory associations and clubs. Orienteering administrators or volunteers from all clubs and state/territory organisations are welcome to join, the meeting will also be recorded.

Next meeting

Thursday 18 July 2024 at 7:30 AEST

Past meetings and resources

#3: 13th June 2024 FEATURE: Explore phase initiatives (Come & Try)

#2: 15th May 2024 FEATURE: Scout groups interested in orienteering

#1: 9th April 2024