Keep track of the Australian Orienteering team known as the Boomerangs and Junior Orienteering Squad as they compete abroad.

High Performance Program, Squads:

2020 OA National Squads

2019 OA National Squads (on Eventor)

OA Talent Development Structure

Targeted Talented Athlete Group (TTA)
– Invitational entry into the High Performance Program for 15-18 year olds
– Goals: National League, Higher Squad Selection, Talent ID/Development program

Australian Junior Development Squad (AJDS)

– A development squad for those aged 15-19
– Goals: Australian Schools Team, JNOL, JWOC

National Development Squad (NDS)

– Second tier development squad for those aged 18-28+
– Goals: Oceania, WUOC, AUS-NZ Tests, NOL accomplishments
– This squad recognises orienteering as a late development sport

High Performance Squad (HPS)

– Top tier squad for regular International level athletes for those aged 18-28+
РGoals: AUS-NZ Tests, Oceania, WUOC, World Cup, World Orienteering Champs, World Games

Elite High Performance Squad (EHPS)
– A select few athletes who have recently achieved benchmark performances at JWOC, WUOC, WC or WOC and are striving to improve upon those in the current year
– Goals: Benchmark performances at the world level

Squad structures

Membership in the squads above is determined by eligibility based on performance against squad benchmarks. While an athlete can apply, or be invited, to be in a squad at any stage of the year, athletes are normally required to complete squad applications and goal setting at the end of each year. There are two application forms, an application to be new squad member and a reapplication process for continuing athletes. States are urged to encourage individuals to apply for national squads.

Membership of a squad is normally required for team selection (WOC, JWOC, WUOC).

High Performance Program, Teams:

Australian Schools Team

Australian Junior World Orienteering Championship: JWOC Team

Australian Testmatch Team for AUS-NZ Testmatches: Bushrangers

World Cup Team 2015 Tasmania

World University Orienteering Championships: WUOC Team

World Orienteering Championships: WOC Team – Boomerangs

Talent Development Structure and Principles

To support diversity of athlete progression; squad re-selection after having time away is not penalised.

Previous squads

OA National Squads 2019

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