Keep track of the Australian Orienteering team known as the Boomerangs and Junior Orienteering Squad as they compete abroad.

Orienteering Australia High Performance Squads:

The current High Performance Squad Structure, updated in August 2022, aligns with Orienteering Australia’s goal to send strong teams to junior and senior world championships in 2022 and into the future. The structure includes two squads run by OA, whilst supporting states to provide a squad structure to athletes who are not in the OA squads.

In support of junior talent and to facilitate movement of these athletes into the OA squad structure, OA will name an annual Junior Talent Honour Team after the Australian Championships. The details of squads are summarised below, more detail can be found in the Trial Orienteering Australia Squad Structure 2022 document.

Squad structure

Junior JWOC 2022 Training Squad:

The 2022 JWOC training group will be open for all who are interested.

The group will be led by both the High Performance group and the to-be-chosen JWOC coach and manager.

It’s been hard to have any definite plans recently but we are forging ahead. As a group we can share information and training ideas for 2022 and hopefully carry out real training days in the very near future.

A great start would be to get your family and friends together and enter the Xmas 5 Days where there will not only be 5 great races but also some extra training opportunities after the races on some of the days.

Eligibility: Any junior who is running M/W20E at Easter in 2022 and considering JWOC nomination. If less than 18 please include parent/guardian details when registering your interest.

Please let us know by filling in the google form found at the following link so we can include you in communication:

Please contact any member of the High Performance Management group if you have any questions:

Tash Key:

Fredrik Johansson:

Brodie Nankervis:

National Development Squad (NDS)

-Second tier development squad towards senior international competition
-Purpose: To support athletes who are a realistic chance of representing Australia at a senior World Championships or World Cup event in the next 3 years. This squad will also support masters’ athletes who are capable of performing at the highest level at World Masters in the next 3 years.
-Support: access to squad coach as required, monthly webinars, invitation to at least one training camp annually, discounted Australian team gear

High Performance Squad (HPS)

-Top tier squad for international level athletes aiming to excel at Word Championships
-Purpose: To support athletes who are a realistic chance of top 30 placing at world championships or top 40 placing in world cup round in 2022 or 2023.
-Support: regular check in from squad coach, monthly webinars, invitation to and funding to attend at least one training camp annually, discounted Australian team gear


Subjective and objective eligibility criteria for each squad is outlined in the OA Squad Structure document. Athletes need to meet most, but not all, eligibility criteria in order to be selected in a squad.

National team selection and team preparation activities sit outside, but compliment, this structure. Athletes do not have to be a member of a squad in order to be selected in a national team. However selected athletes will be invited to join applicable squad if eligible at the time of selection.

Selection, Application and Review:

All OA squads (including the Junior Talent Honour Team) will be selected after the Australian Championships for the following year. They will be reviewed on an annual basis, with athletes needing to satisfy objective and subjective benchmarks to maintain their squad selection.

For each squad, initial selection will be made by the squad coach/s, the OA Head Coach and the OA HP administrator. Selected athletes will be invited to join the squad and will be asked to either accept, decline or ask to be placed in a lower squad.

Athletes can apply to be in the squad at any time in the year if they feel they meet the eligibility criteria. Their application will be assessed by the selection committee above. For masters’ athletes, admission to the National Development Squad will be through expression of interest only (i.e., they will not be selected).

Expressions of interest to join any of the OA squads should be sent to

Squad Coaches

The OA High Performance squads are overseen by the OA Head Coach and High Performance Administrator.

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