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Sydney's Shakespeare of orienteering writing, Ross Barr, previews the M75 field at the upcoming Australian Championships! Sit back with a good glass of red and enjoy this good read!! ELITE'S AT THE AUSSIE CHAMPS? Think not further than the M75 bag full. Already the largest age category on the books (20), with all these Flash Harry's getting in their entries early in case they cark it before the deadline (in contrast to those other (younger) elite's who often leave their entry till the last possible day).And let's not beat about the bush. This M75 field will have a medal, cup, badge, trophy, certificate and awards collection to put Ash Barty's to shame. Talk about champions. These guys have run and won everything - and will be at each others throats again in a miracle of elite competition. Well, the racing is something to do before retiring for a beer or two with each other of course.Look at the names. With only a couple of farts yet to appear on the list (and we hope Ross Brighouse is not listening, and Michael 'The Hutt Valley Woodpecker' is still looking for the lost purple O outfit), and a couple of champs that are sidelined ('The Dickster' - how we miss you Richard - with health, 'The Lottery Ticket' running down to preserve the knee, and 'The Newcastle Lion-tamer' surrendering to the knee), the pedigree startles. The Perth Scorchers ('The Brown Bomber', Simmo and 'The Fletch') are itching; 'The Chatterbox' and 'The Reid Clarinet' from Queensland are speedy dudes; Peter, Ralph and 'Yates Garden Seeds' from Victoria (not forgetting 'The Privet Hedge') all know a podium; Bob and Eric 'The Eel' (where's Daryl?) from the ACT, Steve and Terry, and a couple of other 'Welshmen' looking to shine - and from across the ditch, Dave 'Gumboots' Middleton, and Davy 'Antarctic' Scott are not spending the penny to go home empty handed.All will understand that at this juncture of the 'elite' career, health issues, pill taking, physio problems, bad knees, bad backs, prostrate fun, poor eyesight etc, are the currency of this field. Especially pre race. Once the gun goes off however - expect all probs to vanish in the dash for cash. Once an elite, always an elite.Many will be watching Aston, Nea and co (and why wouldn't you, as they lift the Aussie O flag well and truly), but keep an eye out as the M75's flash home. They imagine they are running into the finish chute at 'warp speed', as in days of old, so let's keep the faith folks. This mob have delivered for our sport for decades. We should salute them all.Rosscoe ... See MoreSee Less
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Great news for juniors around the world!@jwoc2022 forest competitions will be held in Susana Luzir ... See MoreSee Less
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Orienteering - Amazing adventures for the young and freeShare with your friends, schoolmates, family this great promo video introducing our fantastic sport for young ... See MoreSee Less
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Each orienteering event is a challenging new adventure held in different areas, with new courses and a variety of event formats to test your skills and keep you coming back.





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