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Selection Criteria: National Squads and Teams

As well as regular participation in the National Orienteering League and involvement in state NOL and JNOL teams, another key element to the talent development structure is selection and participation in the National Squads. Membership of a national squad provides athletes with support and guidance through access to national training camps, OA High Performance coaches and the resources and community of the OA Athlete Management Platform (AMP). Under normal circumstances, squad membership is a prerequisite for selection in national teams. Completion of anti-doping education is a requirement for squad and team selection.

Squad membership is determined by eligibility based on athletes reaching benchmark performances. The core age range in the national squads is indicative only and older athletes are eligible for these talent development structures particularly those coming to the sport later in life or re-entering after a period away from the sport. As orienteering is a late development sport, and recognising athlete pathways are often disjointed, re-entry into squads is expected.

While an athlete can apply or be invited, to be in a squad at any stage of the year, it is strongly expected that athletes submit squad applications, containing yearly goals, during the application period of November and December of each year.

Overview of Talent Development Protocols Surrounding Squads.

Squad Performance Benchmarks
Targeted Talented Athlete Group TTA Benchmarks (coming soon)
Australian Junior Development Squad AJDS Benchmarks (coming soon)
National Development Squad NDS Benchmarks (coming soon)
High Performance Squad HPS Benchmarks (coming soon)
Elite High Performance Squad EHPS Benchmarks (coming soon)

Selection Criteria: National Foot Orienteering Teams

Orienteering Australia selects teams to compete in several regular international competitions. These include the annual World Orienteering Championships (WOC) and Junior World Orienteering Championships; the bi-annual World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC); twice annual test matches with New Zealand (the junior and senior Australian Bushrangers teams); and occasional Australian Schools Team competitions with New Zealand.

OA publishes selection criteria and the process for nominating to be considered for inclusion in these teams several months in advance of team selection; ideally three months in advance of selection trials. Selection is based upon performances at specified major national events and performance in any previous major international events. Athletes based overseas are offered international selection races by agreement with the OA Head Coach. In addition, the selectors consider any exceptional circumstances that an athlete has faced in the selection period, such as illness or injury. If you have an exceptional circumstance that you want considered you should contact the chair of the relevant selection panel (see selection panels) or the OA Head Coach as soon as possible and in advance of the selection races.

Published Selection Criteria and Preliminary Team Information

World Orienteering Championships

2021 WOC selection criteria:

Junior World Orienteering Championships

2021 JWOC Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria:  MTBO Teams and Squads

World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships

 AUS-NZL MTBO Challenge

AUS-NZL MTBO Challenge Selection Criteria 2019

Previous Selection Criteria

2018 Australian MTBO Team Selection Criteria

2016 WUOC selection criteria
2016 WOC selection criteria
2016 JWOC selection criteria
2013 WOC Selection Criteria 010313.doc
2011 Australian WMTBOC Selection Policy.pdf

2011 Australian JWMTBOC Selection Policy.pdf